As some of you may know, the new Squid Row book is on its way!

Harold, who’s in charge of shipping, got an advanced copy yesterday (He was a bit short-sighted and only ordered a few… shhh… don’t tell him though… he works so hard!)

Anyhoo… the colors are amazing! The printing is so groovy and the word on the street, folks, is that we are 3-ish weeks away from them arriving to the Squid Warehaus. So hold tight… it’s coming!

Harold is having fun reading! He hasn’t been able to put the thing down since the FedEx-er lady brought it! Who can resist revisiting Randie smacking into the power pole? Or how about The Art-o-Rama Mamas knit-bombing  Jade St. Park? And “you know yer a starvin’ artist when….”

AND…. Harold has also extended our pre-selling offer of only $12.95. Get in on this great deal before it goes away! Buy it now!

So what are ya waitin’ for? Hey… and pre-sold books get special drawerings in the front! Don’t delay… get yer Squid today! (okay, it’s corny… but it was Harold’s idea… he’s head of the sales department).