Who? Me??? 

I’m just your everyday cartoonist-person…

I have recently moved from Steinbeck Country in Central California, to Portland, Oregon… the land of silly. I have traded the ocean and world famous Cannery Row (the inspiration for my comic strip) for green trees and the river that runs through them.

And So… I do this comic strip, Squid Row… and another more graphic-y novel type webcomic that follows the adventures of Randie and her pals… Randie & Ryan (Randieandryan.com). Between these projects, I squeeze in traveling (with trips to France now and again…Yes, I am a Francophile… no apologies!) … and I paint… (because I have a fine art degree… and I love to blurp paint around canvases and stuff)… I eat cookies and drink coffee… I love to walk and draw, but not always at the same time… I carry a stufftie (named Harold) and I pet cats.