all-smiles copyWho? Me??? 

I’m just your everyday cartoonist-person…

I live in Central California, in a city whose claim to fame is that it grows a lot of lettuce and strawberries… and it grows authors, too. Well, one author in particular… John Steinbeck. It’s not far from world famous Cannery Row, part of the inspiration for my comic strip.

So… I do this comic strip, Squid Row… and another more graphic-y novel type webcomic that follows the adventures of Randie and her pals… Randie & Ryan ( Between these projects, I squeeze in some trips to France now and again (Yes, I am a Francophile… no apologies!) … and I paint… (because I have a fine art degree… and I love to blurp paint around canvases and stuff)… I eat cookies and drink coffee… I carry a stufftie and I pet cats.