Everybody loves Friday! So I am gonna start a new feature, ya’ll! It’s called Fun Friday… and I will post things that are making me giggle… bits of sillyness or things that are amusing me… nuggets of fun to make Friday even better! I’ll post any Squid Fan Art here art here as well.

So to start… Dragon Killer and local Squid fan dropped a little present by my office this morning… Something to pass on to Randie! (see today’s strip!)… I’m glad it was Strawberry and not orange marmalade. Blecht.

Next bit of Fun Friday Business…


Fun Friday Soundtrack:

The Coffee Song -The Arrogant Worms

Alive (Dave Aude Remix) -Goldfrapp

All-Star- Smashmouth

“Who needs sleep?” & “One Week”-Barenaked Ladies

We Are All Made of Stars- Moby ( Timo Maas Vocal Remix)

What Am I watching?

With all the kitty conversation this week, I thought we should have some laugh out loud Cat Sillyness. Enjoy!

Maru Kitty

Fan Art on Friday…

Get a load of this monster! … I mean Grace. Aidan Casserly of Scapula sent this little art ditty. He’s got a twisted monster sensibility, that Aidan!  (Just a reminder, you can see all the Squid Fan Art on the Fan Art button above the comic).