Okay folks… here’s a few more pics from APE… Pictured is “Mark Twain”… a Squid reader who dropped by the table and took to Harold. The energy in San Fran is amazing… (but don’t call it Cisco or Frisco, because you’ll get hauled into a dark alley and pummeled). Call it THE CITY… anyhow… I do like The City… and really ought to get up there more often. There’s art and interesting buildings and energy… and a disturbing pee smell in many areas (which I could do with out)… but I always get so inspired when I’m there… which carries over when I return… I’m feeling pretty buzzy now… or that maybe the second cup of coffee.

And this coming weekend is the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Fest in Oldtown Salinas. I will be sharing a booth with members of the Funsters I.N.C. group. What’s that?… you say? It’s the Independent Networking Cartoonists… of course! 12-5 pm on this coming Saturday, we’ll be selling our wares, being silly and having fun! Come by the Funster Booth… you won’t be sorry!