The Funsters (INC… Independent Networking Cartoonists) and I shared a booth at the Salinas Valley Food & Wine Fest this past Saturday… It was an interesting location they STUCK us in… RIGHT next to the Main music stage… a place where it was difficult to conduct business because you couldn’t hear anybody over the music. I was rather hoarse from all the yelling I was doing. Besides this, we were WAY off  of Main Street where all the other booths were (and placed next to a cigar booth… yes, they were smoking cigars next to us). Our booth location was kinda poopy… The only reason you’d even come down the corridor we were located in would be to go to the beer garden…. and well… it just was a lousy location. Although we (Chris Dreyer & Alex “Shoe” Schumacher and I) made some sales… it was not the experience I was hoping for. Message to Food & Wine people… do not put anybody  next to the main stage…. and be careful what you do to cartoonists… you may just wind up in a comic strip!