I am returned from APE in San Fran… it was a great time. It is so awesome to see tooner pals that you mostly only get to see at conventions… and you get to meet new pals, too! Familiar faces pop up here and there… and the atmosphere is always lively and fun. Too, I always feel energized and creative and full of ideas when in the midst of so many other tooners! It maybe could be all the sugar and coffee you down to stay up…. but in any case, Harold, Judy (slave laborer/minion) and I enjoyed meeting so many peoples, new & old fans who stopped by the table… Brad from San Antonio, mysterious and vague fan in the Jawa shirt (which was pretty awesome)… Mark Twain… ahem, well, not exactly… and Jen & Alan… thanks for the chatting!

And Jack & Ver, ANDY & HoneyBee, and Mario… it was a pleasure being on the same block with you! And

Aidan and Alex… I wish you weren’t just down the hall but across from us… we coulda been throwing stuff at each other… how fun would that’ve been! Alex & Kaitlyn… glad we could do grub! It was fun!

So… I know I didn’t answer comments while I was away… so I went back this morning and answered the weekends comments. I do try to keep it together during my absences… sigh.

Harold got a new pal at APE… he’s a curious little fellow… but there’s something not quite right with Mr. Bun (name little creature came with)… ironic since Harold’s previous given name is Bun-Bun. Anyhow…I will keep my eye on Mr. Bun.

More exciting pictures, links, and insights upcoming!