Hello, Squiddies…I must apologize for not posting much since I got back from France. I threw myself at some commitments I’d made for when I returned… I taught some workshops at my local libraries… and then there is the upcoming issue of Art-o-Rama that I’ve been working on… so I have been hardly twiddling my thumbs.


But I wanted to share LaLa with you. It’s kind of a cute story.

So I’m coming back through the LA airport (from France) and making my way to the gate for our connecting flight… and perched atop a vending machine is this little… stuffed creature. I stare at it for a moment and realize “someone has lost their little pal.” Knowing that an airport cleaner person would just throw the little guy away, I snatched him up and put him in my bag. I called him LaLa, because of the whole being in LA thing.

Okay… LIA… (life imitating art)… I had a Randie moment of… OMG… I gatta rescue a stufftie! And so I brought him home… he went through the washing machine and is now hanging out with Harold. I’m not sure if LaLa’s little person will ever be found… but I will be a good foster parent. Who know’s?… the internet is a big place… maybe LaLa’s person will come forward… in the meantime… LaLa is pal-ing around with our Harold.

Oh… and here’s a sneak peek at the cover of Art-o-rama #6. It’s a France theme… and a reminder to those of you who subscribe…. It has bee a WHOLE year! It’s time to re-up!… that is, if you haven’t already! Zine should hit the mail in the next week (ISH). Smiles, ALL!