I’m getting to some changes that have been requested… You might notice a new section under the link portion of this website (look to your left… a votre gauche)… It says RANK ME! This is where, hopefully, you will go and vote for Squid Row on some of the web’s webcomic listing places. Please help me out here. I happily provide a comic to you daily… totally gratis and free. The higher my ranking on these sites (ex. The Webcomic List, Top Webcomics)… the better exposure Squid Row gets… and this makes me feel good.

It doesn’t cost you anything… just a few minutes of your time. Thank you… really… thanks…  from the Head Squid.


**** so here’s what ya do… At the very bottom of the page, there is a search-fer-yer-comic area… Put in Squid Row there. When the little banner comes up, there is a tiny vote button on the left… Click away! Thanks!

************* ACTUALLY… Mr. McDuff just made it easier (thanks!)… just follow the link posted to the web portal and click on VOTE FOR THIS COMIC. Tres Easy!