Hey, Squiddies All!

Okay, I’ve been back a few days now… but I gatta tell you, it’s been a bit hard to return to life as I knew it before. They say a mind stretched can not return to it’s previous state. My mind got stretched like silly putty. A whole month in France has made me want to not just slide back into the routines and ruts I left behind, but to fling open doors and let in new perspectives and sunny ideas.

Right now I am listening to France Bleu… French Radio. It’s eclectic and every now and then, they throw in some disco or Beatles (in Anglais). For the most part, I don’t understand everything being said/sung… but I get words here and there. I like the weirdness of the music I don’t recognize… kinda like shopping in the FranPrix (a French grocery store).

I have found joy in French food and have decided to buy baguettes and chevre and whole “European Style” yogurt and Mueslix.

Harold is still wearing his beret… he isn’t wanting to be back from France either. He and I looked up a DIY recipe for Pastis this afternoon. For giggles. Pastis was cheaper than soda in France… as was the wine…. I’m proud of Harold… he kept it together in France (no embarrassing over-indulging in alcool incidents)… well, just one… but 3 glasses of Pastis will do that to anybody. Ahem.