Today being friday… a catch-all day for fun-news-and more fun…

Next weekend is The WestEnd Celebration in Sandoon City… I mean Sand City. It’s a fun venue… where Sand City artists roll out the red carpet, and visiting artists roll in to sell their wares. I once was a Sand City artist but now am just a visiting artist… and I will be landing at booth 40 on Hickory. So grab a hat and come on out to see some art and listen to music… and it’s all free!

Mom visited recently… here’s Mom with Harold…

Whilst Mom was here, we visited Star Market in Salinas…. because they have an awesome cheese counter! Does this sound familiar? It should… “Stars Market” was mentioned recently in a Sunday comic. Michael, also a Squid fan, laminated said toon and has it posted right there at the counter! Right on, Squiddie Michael! And if you live in the area… drop by the awesome cheese counter there for some unusual cheese (beer cheese, ewe cheese, and cheese made by Belgian monks). You’ll get cheerful service and some tastey samples… and tell Michael Bridgett sent you!

So what’s on the Squid Soundtrack today? Anything by the chill jazz electronic group Lemongrass

I found them recently while surfing itunes. Good stuff!

And now… I will share the audio herpes with you…  something that I have been singing now for days… My favorite skit from the new show on the GameShow Network… Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza…It stars Chip Esten and my new Improv hero, Jeff Davis… enjoy! Flap My Jack!

Oh… and this is the best t-shirt ever! Ha ha! Destroy Painter of Light!

AND lastly… Have you seen this? TV tropes? … they’ve been paying attention to Squid! If you’re a troper… thanks!