Sandoon City, here I come!

It’s the West End Celebration, y’all… It’s time to grab the tent & table, load up the Brig-mobile, head for the dunes and sell some Squid. Besides the new Squid Row book, I’ll also have some new buttons and magnets for vending purposes (along with a variety of other Squid merchandise). So if you’re around the Monterey Bay area, head for Sand City to see some art, hear some music and check out the Squid Row table! more info!

So, I meant to post this the week Ryan was wearing his squid costume at the Calamari Kitchen… It’s Lucy Knisley! Not only does she write and draw comics… but she also is a seamstress. Nice job! I’d wear that! …and not begrudgingly, like our pal Ryan.

Random photo:







I found this lovely photo whilst searching the interwebs for Vespa photos. I would sooo put this vinyl sticker (I presume) on MY toilet. I could see a Vespa themed bathroom in my home.