Gah! This week went by so fast!

It started out with tooning… tuesday I put my sales hat on and peddled books. I am pleased to say that the Squid is carried by Tessuti Zoo (one of the most colorful stores on the Peninsula!), After the Quake on Cannery Row, Searle Art Supplies in New Monterey, and soon to be at Palace Art Supply in Capitola and Comicopolis in Santa Cruz! If you live in the Monterey Bay area… you can get yer Squid at these fine establishments… tell’em “I want my Squid!”

Okay… I have been consumed with getting the Squid out, breakin’ a new kitty (Mouse) in, and somewhere in there… some tooning! I needs some upbeat “JUST DO IT” music!

Rock The Funky Beat (Radio Edit): Natural Born Killaz

The Hampster Dance Song: Hampton the Hampster (I am a silly one! I can’t help it! … you do remember the dancing hamsters, right?)

Tres Tres Chic: Mocean Worker

Chick a Boom Boom Boom (Radio Edit): Mocean Worker

Velvet Pants: Propellerheads

What’s in my Travelogue? Harold (above) visits Pea Soup Andersons! I have some video I’m working on… where Harold travels around… I got a flip video a while back… and I’m playing… so you’re bound to see some silly video clips soon!

What’s for lunch? Salad and an apple.