All is going according to plan!

As this photo might indicate… the books have made to the Squid Warehaus! Oh yah!

Now, the fun begins… putting all those pre-orders together with their special toons and taking them to the postals! If you pre-ordered your copy, you can expect that your book will be mailed early next week… providing my hand doesn’t cramp up from all the special pre-order drawing!

Here’s a shot of Harold (who’s in charge of shipping) checking the shipment after is arrived in our Squid warehaus…. All was in order, of course!

Now onto more fun!

What musical mischief is occurring at present?

The Groove Soundtrack… various electronic dance! Always upbeat!

The Harry Potter Soundtrack…. the original John Williams …. hint- I’m working on some future storyline toons involving HP… if you like Harry Potter… keep reading!

What’s on my desk? Emitowna graphic novel diary of Emi Lenox… cartoonist of most interesting-ness.

Jim Mahfood’s 40 oz. compilation … LA street art-style…

and a bunch of French comic books I picked up in Paris and Aix.

AND of course, a copy of … Squid Row: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Get this (are you ready for this?) !!!

If you are on the Central Coast… tune in to KSBW on this Sunday at 5pm. I, along with Trish Sullivan (the First Friday Facilitator) will be interviewed on Feedback at Five! See silly ol’ me talk pretty.

Firstest Local Book signing: If you are near OldTown Salinas on July 16th, head to Rollick’s from 1-4pm… and I will be signing books, posing for photos and all that crazy jazz! Harold will be available for photos as well (he’s the photogenic one). So mark your calendars!