Hi Ho, Squiddies! Happy July 1 to yous…

It’s a holiday weekend, Ya’ll… (like you didn’t know)… and it’s also a First Friday here in Oldtown Salinas. That means The Cartoonery will be open and buzzing with folks. The weather is supposed to be charming… and there’s already a holiday feeling floating around. So if you live ’round the Monterey Bay (or perhaps yer visitin’)… click here for more info.

Some Friday News:

The Alternative Cafe in Seaside has joined the venues carrying Squid!  Yay, Alternative Cafe! Check’em out… it’s a groovy place.

Random Photo:

That’d be Mouse & me.

Shelter kitty #106917

Mouse has found her “playful” side and is also warming up to OC (other cat) Sassy (or rather, Sassy is warming up to Mouse!). OC Stoney still won’t come in the house… well, just to nibble at the food dish… and then… SCRAM!

Friday Soundtrack:

Come Together: Joe Cocker- Across the Universe Soundtrack

Dear Prudence: Across the Universe Soundtrack

Evil Moogafooga: Space Funk

All-Star: Smash Mouth (it’s a favorite) Mystery Men Soundtrack, ya’ll!


Here’s a postcard for the upcoming the Rollick’s Book Signing. You can download it if ya want to….

squid book signing2


Sardines… cherries… sheep cheese (thanks, Squidman, for turning me on to this stuff!) and crackers!


…to Judy for making “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cookies” for tonight!

… to Nelson for the constant flow of coffee… or at least offering a constant flow of coffee.

… to my Squiddies… fer being Squiddies! Thanks for your support and readership!