I can’t believe it’s Friday again… this week has just flown by… probably because I’ve been behind all week… that’s what happens when you throw in a big ol’ holiday at the outset of the work week. Gah…

Fan Art:

Aidan Casserly's Squid WallpaperFan Art:

Friend of Squid, Mr. Aidan Casserly of Scapula has sent me this little gem! Awesome shading and coloring, Dada! I’ve put it in with the Wallpapers  if ya’ll want to put it on yer ‘puter. (And just so you knows, that’s NOT the Lone Cypress behind Randie… because if it were, those knuckleheads at the Pebble Beach Company would sue… no kid!)

Snaps, JC and Flickr

Harold's British Sweets Tooth

This past First Friday was not only a blast, but it was well documented. JC Dill came up to The Cartoonery and brought her big ol’ spiffy camera. You can see the results here. Be sure to look around her website… her photography is perty spiffy!

If you wanna see my camera’s photo-documentation (a bit less spectacular)… go to Squid Row Mama’s Flickr account.

You can see here that Harold has a few sweets (British candy bars)… gifts from Keith (aka Squidman). And what’s that on Harold’s noggin? Squid bait…. or rather bait for salmon that look like squid. hee hee. This is the sillyness that goes on in Silly-nas on Firstiest Friday.

What’s Spinning on the ipod…

Dance Department Podcast- with Dennis Ruyer “serving the universe”


Squidman’s “in a jam? Squidman’s Blackberry jam”(and crackers… I’m not like Randie who just spoons it from the jar)… and this jam is AWESOME! Thanks again, Keith! nom, nom, nom.