Some  interesting stuff is about to go down… here’s the low-down…

Later this week I will be down in Sandy Eggo… former home of yours truly,  home of Comic Con, and marriage event center for my sister. I will be wearing a dress for my sister… yes, knees will be seen… there will be make up and toe nail painting as well. This is sort of foreign territory for me…. I mean I did do some make-upping in and around high school… but it was short-lived. In any case… Sandy Eggo, here I come.

There was a question in comments recently about how Randie got an aquarium pass… here’s the toon. 

First Friday was loads of fun. It was jam-packed and I got stickered by stick-figurer… as well as gifted with a Squid Roe-Cabo hat… seen here…(thanks for the pics, stick)… Walter (and stick)brought some tiki stuff for an upcoming tiki room situation.

And… Stumptown is coming! AND I am excited to announce that the comic strip Gulls and Squid Row will be RAWKING a table together… so if you are in Portland, ya’ll… Look us up April 28th and 29th at the Portland Convention Center. Table E-10 … See Events Page for map.