Hello, Squiddies! 

I have returned from sporadically sunny San Diego. It was an amazing weekend (despite the on and off rain). My sister got married off to…. A SQUID! No joke… Her new hubby is a Naval officer. Anyhoo, the weekend was filled with celebratory dinners, last minute prep, phoofing (or foofing), marrying activities and partying… lots of eating and drinking… and so forth. It was filled with family and friends and old friends and older friends. I must say that I am pooped from all the good timing.

So this is where I’ve been and my apologies for my absence  from the comments… I was all consumed by said activities above… and I did not mean to ignore you (I’m sorry, Tony, that I didn’t get to your comments until now… but WELCOME). Smiles upon all you’s!

Now it’s back to the drawing board! Literally…