Outside the Fest-2011

I’m getting pretty excited. I love me some Portland… and I love me some comics… when you put them together, what do you get? STUMPTOWN Comics Festival!

This year, Squid Row and Gulls Comic(from Portland) are RAWKING a table together… It’s gonna be RAWKous! Table E-10 is gonna be funning it!


Rawking Stumptown

I hope that if you’re a Squid Fan (or a Gulls Fan), you’ll drop by the table. I… We, would love to meetcha! Bring yer sketchbook and I will doodle in it (small doodles I will doodle gratis… more involved drawings of spaceships with wacko crazy monsters or other such specified-ness are not so gratis).

So… here, I’ve put a few pics from the last few Stumptowns… enjoy.

Portland Bridges.. they're everywhere!