Aloha, Squiddies… I am returned.

Something has happened to me that I wasn’t expecting. I caught, what I am told, is Island Fever…. or in our case, Big Island (Kona) Fever. I didn’t really see it coming. But I should’ve seen it coming because I spent a few semesters at Palomar College studying Arts of the Pacific Rim. But you can’t catch Island Fever if you don’t go to the island. I went to the island. I got the fever.


I discovered, via a groovy book I picked up in Kohala, Tiki of Hawai’i: A History of Gods and DreamsExotica and Martin Denny. It’s not something that is prevalent on Kona, this old 50’s & 60’s jazzy-jungle-tiki pop style… but I went looking for it (it’s more prevalent in Waikiki). AND The Tikiyaki Orchestra is rocking my hale.

Ukulele music is not something I really appreciated before this trip. With one or two exceptions (Over the Rainbow by IZ), I didn’t take it seriously. However, New Year’s Eve changed that…. we saw PonchoMan play at Rosa’s Cantina, and he rocked the joint with his uke. I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone cover Human Nature by Michael Jackson in quite that way. Now, Harold and I are fans.

I discovered that Kona Koffee really IS AWESOME. 100%, that is… the blends are clearly less than. Mountain Thunder Organic Coffee and Lava Java are amazing and after a tour of the Mountain Thunder on the side of ol’ Hualalai (dormant volcano), I understand the appeal of Kona coffee. It has less caff, and it’s ever so smooth. I’m a mainland fan.

Okay… this is where my first account ends. I will continue with more thoughts and observations in upcoming blog entries… until then… living Aloha.

OH… and pics are up on Squid Row Mama’s Flickr Site… enjoy! (captions in due time…)