Since returning to the mainland, I’ve been slightly obsessed with TIKI. I’ve been listening to my Exotica and ingesting all I can thru my ears. Yah… It helps that my current storyline (the one I’m working on) involves tiki culture. So I’ve been scouring tiki websites and eating up the Tiki Pop.

Whilst in Kona, I found  Hawaiian Hands, a woodcarving and Hawaiian Arts shop not far from where I was staying. There I met Pat Marsh who hooked me up with some carved tikis…. which was a mission I was on…. to find the tikis (and drink in cheesy tiki bars). While I now know that the Tiki Pop has it’s roots in Waikiki (a future trip for certain!), there were no shortage of tiki-type things available on the Big Island for touristy consumption.

One place where you could see real tikis in action was Pu’uhonua o Honaunau (a real difficult name to say) which is actually the Place of Refuge…. where the ki’i live (tikis). There I met Charles Hua (Charles is not his Hawaiian name, Kalehua is) a park ranger, banana leaf coat maker (you have to see it to believe it)… and all-around fine fellow. Harold loved listening to his presentation on the Place of Refuge and enjoyed the day in general.