When I was little, I would spend hours pouring over the pages of comic books. Brightly colored images and white speech bubbles… as a 6 year-old, I couldn’t really understand the stories a lot of the time, but the artwork didn’t need interpretation. Batman and his amazing cape, dark blues and spectacular roof lines… captivated me. Later, Star Wars kept me coming back every month to shell out the buck fifty to see fantastically drawn x-wing fighters and strange new planetscapes.

I spend more time in the funny pages now than I do in the comic book pages… but what I really want to tell you, is that my friend Justin Leach has a new comic book out. It is the culmination of 30 years of well, dreams and hard work. I want to share it with you. I’ve reviewed the comic below and hope that you will go over to IndyPlanet and support Justin and his new (old) endeavor, The Majestic XII. Read on…

Majestic TwelveJust who is Jack Clayton? Where did Legend come from? Why did he give up his sworn duty to protect his country from intergalactic forces? What happened to his team of super-human beings chosen to not only protect our planet from alien attack, but to conceal the truth of the existence of such a threat?

These are the compelling questions that churn from the pages of Justin Leach’s Majestic XII. While the relationships between the characters in the Majestic Twelve, past and present, have yet to be established in full, one cannot escape the presence of a history yet to be revealed. The evidence of some former but fractured romance between Jack Clayton and Loren St. Johns remains to be told and hints to what may have happened are sprinkled in between the action. The new members of “the twelve” are a sordid bunch extracted from various prisons… so the question of their loyalties and motives are sure to be in many future plots.

Bright, detailed pages are loaded with action sequences and rich characters jump from the premier issue. This comic is packed with the potential for a long and intriguing chronicle of the efforts of Legend and his band of planetary fighters. The stage has been set.

Want to see more? Go to: IndyPlanet.