Well Team Squid did a little construction over the weekend. The archive got a little bigger. Here’s what’s going on.

I started Squid Row over at Webcomics Nation back in 2007. I used a different file naming system back then, one that is very different than the one I use today here on SquidRowComics (happily using Comic Press)… Sooooo, I amassed over 500 toons over on the other site. Bringing them all over here isn’t exactly an easy task. It means going back into the recesses of old files, reading the toons, and renaming with appropriate titles & dates!

Okay, Squid Team member Judy stepped up and volunteered to take it on… she went back in and renamed the files… and Team member Nelson (Almighty webmaster) batch loaded them onto this site. This project will take some time to finish. So far, we’ve gone back to late December of 2008. In the meantime, the archive (starting with number 1) is still over on WebcomicsNation.

AND NOW! Squid Row has been reviewed by Luprand’s Webcomic Musings!

It is a rather well-researched (with linked examples) review. It’s got a few big words in it and it’s fun to read. …And if you look at his “About” page, you’ll see he has an edumacation. I give him kudos because he comes from Ohio, where they are pretty serious about cartoons (come on, Ohio State has a cartoon research library! no joke, people!) … and I have many family peeps in Ohio… including my Mah! (hi, mom!) Have you met anyone from Ohio? They are some of the nicest people in the world… (I AM NOT sucking up here… Mr. Luprand already wrote his article! … and the Ohio people ARE nice).

Okay, so head over, read the review, and drop a comment to Mr. Luprand.