Greetings “squiddies”….

Some fun stuff…

My new buddy, Crow over at Nicky510 has given Squid Row a nod… his most recent blog touches on last sunday’s squid comic about visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium (seems like many of you have also visited MBA…) and he’s included some of his jelly pics. Have a look-see and enjoy his comic about Nicky Nickel and his family… Nicky is little kid with a big imagination that often gets him into trouble… especially with his brother, Lex. But don’t take my word, take a look for yourself!

Name that Octopus! Ok… we’ve got a few more names to add…. Lord Henry Octobottom IV… and Hubert (Hugh) & Gordo… Okay… I think the list is rather complete… and the Octopus’ name shall be revealed in a toon next week. Keep a’reading.

And finally… with all this preoccupation with octopi…. this little gem was sent to me recently (thank’s Olga!)… Enjoy