Harold sure is excited… As you can see, he’s got his little beret… he is ready to go. He has promised me that he is going to try to keep from overdoing it on the absinthe and vin Francais … but we are going to Bordeaux, so I will cut him a little slack. The picture on the right was from our last travels… We were in Aix en Provence and I’d picked up a lovely graphic novel there called Le Temps des Cerises… it was taking a good long time to translate, but I got thru most of it… the watercolored toons are gorgeous… and I should really go back and have another go at it. I am greatly looking forward to visiting the comic book shops in our destinations. It’s always an adventure… and of course, I tend to judge a book by its art… because my French is so poor. But I will photo document my purchases… and Harold’s adventures… if you go to travelswithharold.com, you will see a good deal more of this. harold_frenchie DSCN2959