I cannot wait to enjoy the tasty goodness of CREPES Francais! 
It may sound a little cliche… but the Parisians know how to make a good crepe… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand I am really rather excited about the crepe-ing that will occur. In Paris, we’ll be staying in the Latin Quartier and there are many crepe places to choose from. My favorite is plain old Nutella … and in the savory camp… a turkey, cheese and basil fills me with zhwah. But I am ready to try new stuff… and we are not just going to Paris… but places west. There will be comparison crepe eating. Oh, yes.

The food really is better there in France. We Americans have a way of mucking up food with hormones and genetic tinkering… with pesticides and pre-ripened picking. We tend to value convenience over taste. Don’t think so? Just look at McDoh… (that’s McDonald’s).

In France, you buy groceries just about every day… you go down to the markets and get the fresh ready to eat stuff… and then you eat it… before it spoils…. asap. I like this process. The open air markets are little food adventures. The sellers have an intimacy with their product… Cheese mongers, veggie growers…they KNOW their thing… and are proud of it.

*** But I think things are getting better in this country… there’s a big push in the foodie-gastro circles to grow organic and use locally made artisan ingredients, etc. I hope the circles get bigger… because tasty food is better than convenient food.

Getting back to crepes… Did you know that even Nutella is better in France? They don’t add partially hydrogenated peanut oil (trans fat). I wonder how many jars I can fit in my luggage home?