Yup, I am going to Wastseka… that’s Illinois. I am catching a plane Saturday and will be gone nearly a week. Why? …you may ask. I’m going to teach a bunch of Third Grade peoples how to cartoon. Why Watseka? Because there’s this library, you see… it’s an old Carnegie Library and my pal George bought it. He’s turning it into a place for kids to go and get all literaried and art smarted. Thus my trip.

Now the reason I tell you this is that I am doing something odd. As Watseka is in the “where the *&%% is that?” part of the mid-west, reliable internet is iffy. So I am not bringing my laptop and instead am using this time to focus on some drawing, idea gathering, and enjoying some “break time” with family…. oh yah, and do the kid/toon thing. So starting on Sunday, November 7th thru to Nov 12th, I will not be answering emails or commenting. This pains me really. I love you guys!!!

When I return, I will give a full report and then get back to work… no rest for the weary as they say. In the meantime, Bon Voyagee to me! Be good, my squidlings.