Monkeying around with Harold and Crow at the Squid Row/Nicky510 booth


What a blast! It started with a two hour trip by car (loaded all up with Squid stuff and Judy-Minion#1 (Nelson-Minion#2 had his own wheels), Harold (adorable mascot) and Me (just the creative talent) up to San Francisco. We slid into our accommodations and immediately set off for food and the Last Gasp Pre-registration party and hang out. This is where I’ve met the bestest people ever. Last year, I met the Lovesick Robot peoples, who again, were there and ever bit as loverly (check them out online… good stuff). Phil from My Cardboard Life was also back, but she was rather engaged in conversation (I caught up with her at the show) This year I met some more incredible folks! Ms. Kate Saturday, musician, illustrator, cartoonist and Aidan of LA who does a very witty Scapula. I also met Barry Deusch, the author of Hereville… a new hardbound and nicely illustrated graphic novel. My cousin Tess (another LA-ite) was up supporting her pals Shawn & Rob (and even more LA-ites) who were first time APErs. AND… Crow! (pictured with Harold) Finally… after only ever contacting each other by email… I met Crow and his lovely wife Claire. Crow does the trouble-making Nicky510 (that’s 5-1-0, not five-ten… as I was incorrectly stating).

So while I only had ONE glass of red wine at the Last Gasping party… it meant a headache for Saturday, which I tried uselessly to fight off most the day… and it messed up plans for the evening… but even so… At the actual Con, I was surrounded by way cool booth neighbors which was wonderful! Melt Down Comics (from, you guessed it, LA) to my right and they were sooo very cool. Josh with his learned-man beard and Jim from New Yark, were just the nicest people and we shared some good times. Josh did a well-drawn, well-written,short graphic novel called Bird Cage. Crow and Nicky510 were on my left… and although rather squack-y… a hoot to be sharing a booth with! (I was just kidding about the squack-y).

As per usual, it rained… but only on Sunday… and it wasn’t all day. This year’s APE was bigger than years previous. It was large and our table rocked the back of the Con… We weren’t far, coincidentally, from the Saturday/Scapula table… in fact, there were many cookie drive-bys and overall silliness being displayed from both tables. A few tables down was French Toast Comics… with whom there was trading. Lovesick Robot was within spitting distance (although there’d be no spitting on LSR!) Up and coming cartoonist Rowen Rinaldi (a first-time APEr) was up a floor … and the usual suspects were hanging about…Keith KnightSlave Labor Graphics, Bob the Angry Flower…

Harold gave out free hugs... this feller seemed to be rather enjoying a Harold hug!

Harold made LOTS of friends APE weekend… he gave out free hugs and I believe this helped sales. I must say that comic-ers are most receptive to “stuffed things” and not one person turned away Harold’s offer of snuggley hugging. I have photo documented many of these occasions and they will be found on The Squid Row Mama Squid Row Flickr site… under Festive-izing It’s just too cute!

A super big shout of THANKS to Judy and Nelson… whose help is always so needed and appreciated (hugs and more hugs!)… to all the people who made this year’s event AWESOME (like a hot dawg!) … Crow and Claire (the bestest table mates ever! you guys is great!)… the fine folks at Melt Down (Josh & Jim- you rock!) … Kate & Aidan… your silliness makes me cry (in a good way!)… LoveSickers… you are FUN PEOPLE! And the APE organizers… you do good work! Your event is amazing and a joy to be a part of! The Last Gasp people… you throw a great party! Thank you! Tess… thank you for the drugs… cured my head! The Creamery… your coffee and breakfasty goodness was joyous (thanks, Avery!) And to all the new and old Squid Fans that dropped in on us at APE… God bless your little squishy hearts!