Photo on 6-11-15 at 11.46 AM #2

Leading up to the Randie and Ryan launch date (that’s like… 10 days from now!), I will countdown the top 10 Squid Row Moments… in order … these are not story lines (that’d be a whole other top 10 list… more on that in a minute).

Collecting the 10 most memorable moments was difficult. There are so many things that happened in the many years of the strip… but as I went through, it became evident that there ought to be more than one of these lists… SO I put it out to you, submit to me your favorite story line (one only per person, please) and I will post the results on Monday, June 22nd.       Email:

In the meantime, here is #10 of the Top Squid Row Moments in Squid History…