APE is upon us!

Yes, it is time for Squid Row to go to APE… firstest weekend in October. This year the event will be held, not at the Concourse, but at the Fort Mason Center… in the very heart of San Francisco!

This AND I will be rawking table 705 with Awesome-Rawker Jack of the Portland-based comic strip, Gulls. AND to make things all more better, friend of the show and great storytelling/amazing person, Betsy Streeter will be RIGHT next door at table 706! OH, this will be fun! Fun Betsy will bring Fun Jen… and hilarity will ensue. And there will be toast!

OH… and if you bring your Flat Randie with you to A.P.E., I’ll give you a button! Flash Randie and magically a button with appear! (Some photo documentation required). Don’t have a Flat Randie? You can download one from the last blog post! Some photo documentan required.

As a blolly-birdit of silliness, which I am likely to fall into with little or no provocation… Here is a photo of me and Baxter from Gulls… leave your caption in the comments… why? for giggles, of course!