Hello, Squiddies! It’s been a wild weekend! 

photo 1 copyIt started off by flying into Portland, checking into the Crowne Plaza and then climbing “Big Pink” for lunch. Delish-ishness with a view. Then came a visit to the new and improved Powell’s Books, a little looking around Doc Marten’s, some Blue (not pink boxed) donuts… and culminating with an attempt to party at the Rose City Kick-off Party but instead enjoying a lower key dinner with Jack of Gulls (at the Broadway Grille) WHERE…. it happened! … I got the news that you amazing people got Squid Row to full TGT Media Squid Row Glory! I must thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to vote for Squid Row! (More on that in a minute).photo 2

So then there was the Rose City Comic Con… it was … interesting. I have never seen so many costumed individuals lurking through a convention’s aisles in my life! It was near madness! In any case, there was a noticeable difference between this convention and what WAS Stumptown COMICS FEST… a festival that was about smaller press comics, and graphic novelizers …. it lead me to a great deal of thinking and conversation at my table about the different communities under the comics umbrella.photo 4

I will not attend this event next year, but will be looking for another in the Portland area. As a contrast, however… I did do very well at Big Wow! in San Jose. There seemed to be more of a balance of indie stuff to Pop-culture/ big industry superhero stuff…  BUT I was an exhibitor, not an Artist Alley-er like at Rose City… I’m still trying to figure out the dynamics of what happened this weekend and what is to come… as I am already signed up for Big Wow! next year.photo 1 copy 2

A special thank you to Jack of the comic strip, Gulls… We shared the table… and will again do so in two weeks at A.P.E. in San Fran…photo 5

NOW… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… for the TGT Media Win!!!! As I promised I will be setting up a special download for you, as a thank you for your dedication to Squid Row’s Win! Toon in this week for that special download!