You’ve heard of Kickstarter, yah? Well, Patreon is kinda like that but better!

Let me explain how Patreon works… For years, many creatifs have put their works online hoping to support themselves with donations buttons, selling books and various merchandise. While some have done well by this model, many barely scrape by. After all, funding a book is an expensive venture… making merchandise is risky (t-shirts are a flop… I had so many XL leftover!). We wind up providing content,often with low return. ***(Please KNOW, that I appreciate the support and the supporters of Squid Row! You have been most kind! Really!!!)

What Patreon does is this… it’s a website that provides a way for folks to give (and support) their favorite creators. It’s the same model as Public Television… and you GET something back for the support). This is HOW it works…

1. sign up to be a patron thru my Patreon page:

2. there’s a list of monthly pledge levels, and you pledge me money (via a convenient button)

3. Patreon bills your card once a month for that amount.

4. I see this and note at what level you have given and what splendid perks I will be providing.

5. I provide splendid perks monthly (including special content not found anywhere else).

6. I pay bills, I make stuff you enjoy.


Even if it is one dollar a month… this is SO helpful! You know how crowd sourcing works… if EVERYBODY gave ONE dollar… I could pay Harold’s bar tab! … and the rent… and create more goodies for all to enjoy! While with Kickstarter, you only contribute once for to support a single project. With Patreon, you are supporting a creative person each month and thusly… lots of projects!

So, if you can, why not throw a little money at me? I will continue to make fun stuff for ya. Smiles!