Many of you might be asking yourselves… “What is going on over there at Squid Row Comics?“… To this I give to you an example of my day so far: 

8:30 am… into the office. Check email and post a toon on the Squid Row Comics Facebook page.

9:00-ish… print up the innards of the next issue of Art-o-rama on the office laser printer.

9:30-ish… hobnob with cartoon-punster pal, Chris Dreyer who drops by the Cartoonery, here.

10:00-ish… cartoon client drops money by the office! Yay! Money!

yellowpaper-marke9:30 to now-ish… scanning in textures I’ve created to be used in the backgrounds of the new comic, Randie and Ryan. For this I’ve been scanning paintings of mine. I also got a nice set of Copic Markers that I’ve scribbled with on different papers to get a marker effect. I’ve been able to find interesting brushes and whatnot for Photoshop and all, but I want some unique textures and backgrounds to give R&R a different feel.

Now …I am about to delve into some page coloring and using those backgrounds on R&R. It’s been a learning experience for me. The new coloring techniques, layers and building up is so much more different than working on the 4 panel humor strip that is Squid Row. This is more of a cross between graphic novel style and getting artsy the Photoshop… and I’m both challenged by it and improving with each page I do. Experimentation is what’s making it more funner-like.

Noon… I’ll stop for lunch. PBJ on glue-free bread… apple.

This weekend I’ll be finishing up the June-July issue of the Art-o-rama zine and will package them up for shipping… to be out sometime next week. *** I have applied for a table at the San Francisco Zine Fest in September (in Golden Gate Park). That should be fun!

I’m also looking to give you all an opportunity to… oh, shush, Bridgett. I always like to blab.