Don’t you just love 4 day work weeks? It means that you try to cram in 5 days of work into 4 day’s time. Labor day put a bit of a pinch on the work schedule… but like Tim Gunn says, I made it work.

Capitola Artsy-fartsies and winos… If you happen to be in the Santa Cruz area this weekend… specifically Saturday, Squid Row will be tabling it. See the events page for some details.

I drink more wine than I used to. I started out with Rieslings and fruit wines (for dessert purposes)… notably Bargetto’s Plum wine… which is no longer available. I’ve since graduated to Merlots and Zins. So we’ll see what we can find offered this weekend at The Capitola Art & Wine Fest… I’m hoping to collect something Mead-y…. for old-time sake.

I used to live just up from Capitola Village… It’s such a quaint little area with charming boutiques and ocean front restaurants. It was always a little oasis from the long hours I used to work at my retail job. I would walk down to the Village and just take in the salted air. This is the perfect spot for an art and wine festival.

And then there’s Mr. Toot’s Coffeehouse… a favorite ol’ coffee haunt. I can still hear the string quartet playing as I sip my warm coffee beverage, scribbling away in my sketchbook. And for some reason, my mind drifts to the rainy days where the rain hit the stained glassed windows of Mr. Toot’s and you could hear the drips on the roof.

I guess I’m feeling a little nostalgic… turning another year older does that sometimes.

1999-Capitola music throwback:

Mystery Men Soundtrack… Groove Soundtrack… All-star by Smashmouth…