It’s September, y’all! Randie’s birthday is at the end of the month… on National Coffee Day… that’d be the 29th. Here’s a “way back Squid” from that day in 2009.

Today, Squiddie Squidman leaves for some R&R in London! Harold and I are jealous, of course. That aside, Bon Voyage! I am told that our Squidman be looking for some Kendal Mint Cakes for yours truly. I am also promised a postcard from Jolly Ol’ England. Oh… and Happy Birthday to you, Squidman!

The Cartoonery, as with every First Friday, will be open for First Fridaying. So if you’re local to the Monterey Bay area, drop in tonight between 5 & 8 pm! See the events page for more details.

New downloaded music…

In the Mood: Robert Plant

Kiss Them for Me: Siouxsie & the Banshees

I got a kick out of this “soup dweller” ad. It makes me want to collage. I love to collage my sketchbooks. Cutting and pasting has always been a favorite activity of mine.