May is nearly over… Can you believe it? SHeesh!

I started out the month with the flu (ick!). I had some toon commissions, which kept me busy. French Lessons… (Passé Composé is kicking my butt!) I done up the latest Art-o-rama zine.  And I put up on Patreon… Then there was that 3 Day weekend with parties in there… And I will end it with a party for Real Spill (it’s her birthday!).


Getting Patreon up and running was an adventure. And I am most happy to have some Patrons! (Yay!)

If you hadn’t seen, Patreon is a site that puts patrons in touch with their favorite creators. It’s a way to support artists, musicians, YouTubers, tooners, etc. by plunking money in their account on a monthly basis via the site. In return, there are some additional perks in addition to the quality art you get online (for free).

tina_bobs_burgers_dan_mintzAlso, I can’t stop watching the animated show Bob’s Burgers (on Netflix), while I work. Honestly, that show grows on you and takes over. Excellent voices… silly premises… and even though inappropriate for a kids’ show (I feel), it’s very funny.  Tina, here, is my favorite.

So wish Real Spill a “Happy Birthday”… and… make sure you don’t forget about! Fun starts on the first day of Summer!