randie's apartmentThese are some of the sketches I made for Randie’s new place. She is renting a very small apartment in a triplex. The area is very narrow (a bit narrower than what I originally sketched here. I think that the front door would touch the futon when it opens. Right where the easel is located are the tall windows. I have them drawn as right angle windows, but I think they are at a slant. Also there is entirely too much room in the kitchen shown here. It’s much more cramped. Where the word “owners” is… that is the closet for the triplex’s owners, Tee and her significant other. I have not introduced him yet.

Randie doesn’t live on the ground level, and those are stairs leading up to her apartment. There is a gate in the far upper right hand corner and a pathway leading to her stairs there on the left.

Second sketch: The kitchen appliances are pretty dinky. Two burners, a mini sink, a small microwave and a mini fridge, with very few cabinets.

Randie’s other neighbor, who you will meet soon, lives on the other side of Randie… but his front door access is on the opposite side of the house. So Randie doesn’t see his comings and goings.

I used my ipad mini to sketch these drawings out in a program called Paper.

randie's kitchenimage