art o rama zineFriends of the Art-o-rama Mamas…

The new October/November  issue  is out…  Art-o-Rama is one year old! Can you believe it?

This issue is a bit different… for one, there are more pages and this particular issue was done entirely by hand. It was set up the old fashioned way with no help from the computer (except for typesetting) and there are no computer graphics in this issue. It was a lot more work… but I think you’ll like the results.

If you would like this issue, email me at

It is $5 plus a buck for shipping and handling. If you would like to subscribe to 6 issues (one every other month sent to your door), you can visit squid row comics at Etsy… or email me. It’s $30 for just the zine… and $50 if you want an original piece of art with each issue! Well worth it!