I headed North to the NorthWest. I drove the little red Golf up and down mountains, around and through forests of trees, I crossed invisible boundary lines and passed a welcome sign or two. I toted my person, my cat, my plants, a suitcase full of clothes and a cooler full of cheese, bread and jam, until we crossed the bridge into South East Portland… home.

Since then, the furniture has come, we’ve opened and unloaded boxes, the cat has unfriended and refriended me, donuts have been consumed, and my art studio has been set up. A lot can happen in a week and a half. I didn’t even mention the art shows, walking trips, the pizza places and the high heat!

Portland is now my new home. And as an artist who draws what she knows, you will see some changes upcoming in the strip… more so in Randie & Ryan than here on Squid Row… but one informs the other somewhat. No, I’m not moving Squid Row to Portland… Cypress City is staying right where it is. But some characters will be seen more, some less… however, Randie and Ryan will be seeing some big changes. I invite you to follow their adventures… and growth opportunities.

So the Monterey County Weekly wrote me a nice little love letter as I left. I thank Walter Ryce for his support over the years… and all those around the Bay who’ve visited me at shows and read the comic in the newspaper when it ran as a daily. Here’s a link to the Artifact.