I am moving to Portland… leaving the Central Coast where I have made my home for the last 20 years. It was no easy decision. I have built so many wonderful friendships here. I have so much history here From Santa Cruz to Pacific Grove, I’ve lived all over the Monterey Bay and have loved my home. And I will miss it.

But change is exciting. Change is what keeps us fresh and alive. Change is what keeps us young. And Portland, Oregon is a lively and fun area that promises to be a worthy new home. There are lots of cartoonists there and people who embrace the silly; there’s a vibrant art community and improv theatre scene and a foodie-food culture…. so I look forward to foraging a new home among the trees and their people.

For Squid Row the comic, there will be little change. There will still be a comic strip… there will still be postings… there will still be the Squid Row Gang… the difference will be that I will no longer live in the fictionalized “Cypress Bay Area.” Portlandia will now be home. Time frame for the move: late June/early July.

ps. If you wish to contact me to buy art or books before I leave, or just say ‘hi’, email me as always at brig@squidrowcomics.com … this email won’t change.