The stuff’s all packed up… books, t-shirts, magnets and the like… It’s time to head up to “the city” and hopefully sell some Squid stuff. If you’ve not been to The Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, you’re missing a fun comics gig.

My first visit to APE was back in 2003. My cousin, Tess,  invited me up to check out the con. She’d flown in from Texas and suggested a get-together. Tess is a fan of Jim Mahfood, and she wouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit his booth, and buy some of his original art.

I had me a good time at that first APE and wished I’d come up earlier! The next time I visited was 2007, then again in 2008. Each and every time it rained! This time, now that I’m going to booth it, there’s no rain in sight! Yee ha!

I, of course, will post pics and a review of the weekend’s event when I return!