What a weekend… I am just now regaining my senses and coming back from a zombie-like state…

If you had a booth there, I think you know what I mean. It was Squid’s first comic event and two full days of presenting Squid Row to the masses exhausted me! It’s hard work talking to peoples… I mean, it’s like Rob Scheider in All That Jazz (minus the drugs… at least at my table!) “It’s SHOWTIME”….

ape crowd

Aside from all the coffee and sugar, and all the talking and chatting and would be convincing, I met some great people! Last Gasp Books held a pre-registration and APE opening party… it was a fine get-together with an open bar, tastey morsels, and loads of minglers…. the place itself, was amazing… with a room full off cultural oddities and artwork. I even go to meet Ron, or as I like to call him, “Mr. Last Gasp,” a fine, bearded fellow with a lovely open-ness about him. I am sorry I didn’t get a photo of/with him!

the lovesick robots!
"Ad & Phil"

I met the fine folks of Lovesick Robot and My Cardboard Life… I enjoyed conversing with them at Last Gasp’s Party… Great bunch of peoples… “Phil” came all the way from England to be at A.P.E. I am pretty sure she came the farthest to be there.

Saturday the event went from 11am-7pm… so it was most exhausting… The Cartoon Art Museum had a doohickey gig, but the most we could do was get dinner at a place called Tryptic and then go back and crash at the hotel. Sunday was a bit better in sales, although the weekend in general was said to be “less brisk” than years past… dang recession.

I had a great time… “Team Squid” is now in full recovery and I must say that my lovelies, Judy and Nelson are the minions I couldn’t have done without! If you don’t have minions, I suggest you get some! J & N, you are the best!

more APE musings, people & pics to follow…