Photo on 5-23-13 at 10.10 AM

So I just got the first three RE-releases of Scott Pilgrim. They are superbly colored, excellently designed books with extra goodies in the back including character and apartment sketches, photographs, and comic origins. I’m admittingly, obsessed right now with Scott Pilgrim having seen the movie recently (thanks, Walter). Look for some comic love in the future.

Last Sunday’s Trivia Answers: (Sorry they’re a tad late)…

Squish’s home-brew: Bilge Rat Brew

Lava Luna’s is in Marina Beach (or Marine Layer as Randie calls it).

Midge’s on and off again boyfriend: Gabe

Graces’ boyfriend: Rat

Ryan’s Ex (evil Ex?): Emily

Kai’s Jazz Band: Madcat Mambo

Mouse is the National Tetris Champ.

Pop’n Tarts are Randie’s favorite breakfast food (duh!).

Squish’s Tat: The Kraken

Randie is doing a mural at Jacque’s Cafe St-Michel. 

How’d you do?