Well, it is a sad day… where an instance of Life Imitating Art (LIA) has occurred… I swear… it’s not my fault! 

Locally-owned and longtime art supply store, Searle Art in Monterey, is closing its doors for good. When I first visited the Monterey Peninsula back in 1991, Searle Art was a thriving, inviting and vibrant store… in fact, it was two stores! … one for framing and one for art supplies… conveniently located across a parking lot from one another. Those were the days!

So the news of the store closing is resembling The ArtBox closing in the strip here… which happened at the end of last year and the beginning of this year (2013). The circumstances aren’t exactly the same…. and…

You can read the local story here:

You’ll also notice in the article… that all is not lost.