Hello Squiddies. I’m sorry to have been quiet here on the site. I am, in fact, still down with “The Grimm.” It has been almost two weeks… With this awful flu… And my couch exile is kind of unsatisfying.

I have, however, had time to work on the next issue of Artorama… Something you can do whilst on the couch … And even with a cat on your lap. I chose a theme I could talk about with some authority… And conviction… Sickbed-dome. I know… A cheerful subject… But it isn’t all down and gloomy. There is humor to being sick. I mean, you have to laugh at the ridiculous amounts of goop that is residing in your throat and nasal passages. Oh, dear…. Too much information? 

Anyhow… I hope to be back in the saddle next week and back at my office (she said as she took a slug from her mug of lemon tea).