10441917_10206812758425482_1263333966924917156_nWell, I have been down with what is referred to as the “Con Plague” … debilitating flu, butt-kicking ick, or disgusting, horrible sickness contracted from tabling at a convention. This stuff ain’t to be messed with! Last year, Aidan of Scapula contracted it at one of his LA conventions and it kicked him in the “hoo-ha.” It has done me the same. I’ve been couch-ridden since Saturday (which my cat approved of)…and I’ve just been “out of it” since Tuesday before last. I’ll tell you something though…  The body is truly amazing… I was unaware of just how much slimy green gunk the body was capable of producing.

Today is my first day back in the office. I’m pretty sure I am still a bio-hazard. But now I’m a walking bio-hazard. Getting off the couch may have been a mistake.

Anyhow… these were some of my couch activities:

Read Volume 6 of Scott Pilgrim (pre-ordered hardcover color edition that Amazon brought me Saturday… Yay!)

Watched Scott Pilgrim on Blue-ray… (I love the movie way so much! Talk about perfect casting!) Also watched some of the cool special features on the disc.

Researched a storyline for R&R… then drew a few pages out (this process with riddled with tangents and time wasted on Pinterest. sigh).

Watched both part one and two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is not my favorite of the movie series… but MAN… Alan Rickman tore up Snape in these movies.

Filled up two trash bags full of snotty-icky-soaked kleenex. You think I’m kidding? Bio-hazard. Serious.

Started a new sketchbook (number 123). It’s a nice big 9×9 Aqua Bee. Oh, so luscious. (Thank you, Lauren and Matt).

Popped aspirin and IBee-pro-fun like they were m&m’s.

Spent too much time on Facebook. 

So, with all my time spent sick and on the couch so far this year, I am calling 2015 The Year of The Grimm.