My tickets are at the ready… I’ve got my wand (my chopstick wand ala Randie) and I’m ready to see the last installment of Larry… I mean Harry Potter tonight! For dinner starters, John & Susie is bringing the Butter Beer… and an Herbology experiment. Judy is whipping up some Dragon stew… and I can’t wait!

Hey! Look what came in the mail!!!

I got me some jam! Not just any jam, kids… this stuff is loaded! Merlot, Zin, Cabernet, Chardannay & Sangria! My morning toasties  are sure to get me toasted!

Randie, Ryan and I extend our warmest thank yous to Joe Minotaur for sending us these Blue Ridge Jams… I’ve got my spoon! I’m ready! Joe… yer a gem!

Music for my ears….

I’m spinning the Harry P.

The ipod has the Harry Potter Soundtracks 1 & 5 and that’s what I am drawing to. I love the piece “Fireworks” on The Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack…

Subtle Reminder:

Tomorrow is the Book Signing at Rollick’s (210 Main Street, Salinas) from 1-4pm …. Don’t miss a chance to get your Squid Row: Welcome to the Neighborhood book signed and toonered. Buy a coffee and get a buck off the book. Harold is givin’ out free hugs, too!