It’s that time of the week… time for fun!

Thanks to all those who came out for last week’s book signing at Rollick’s Coffee. Here’s a few photos… (More live over at Squid Row Mama’s Flickr page... and The Squid Row Facebook Page)


I met Chris Dreyer… a fellow tooner and punster. He was kind enough to give me this toon (which ties into Randie’s little obsession with The artist Modigliani.


Dream Machine (J Boogie Mix) – Mark Farina

Bookin’ it…

Flight #8- Various Artists

Emitown– Emi Lenox (still… it’s sooo good!)

Food I wish I was eating…

Black beans with cheese… and tortilla chips with guac… I’m really craving some serious Mexican food! Oh, how I wish there was a La Salsa around here. Sigh.