Hey there! Happy 2013!

I do hope that you all had a wonderful start to the New Year… Harold had, I’m sure by the evidence, a nice New Year’s Eve… but he got a real slow start the following day (he looked to have fallen from a non-fiscal cliff).

In any case… I’m looking forward, as Randie is, to a prosperous and FUN new year for Squid Row. I’ve adopted some new mottos/attitudes… they include but are not limited to… If yer not having fun, it’s your own *&%% fault (Thanks, Mr. Evans)… and… Be BOLD… as well as…  Spread the blessings around. These apply to personal and Squiddie attitudes.

So with that… Happy New Year to you all… I hope you all have a successful and enjoyable


new year and thank you for bringing Squid Row along… (by the way… please share Squid Row with all your pals… help me get the Squid out!