merryApres-Christmas Greetings! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! … as I did! (I’m pretty sure Harold did, too! He laid off the sauce this year… keeping his imbibing to a minimum… I’m so proud of him… he looks happy here on Christmas Eve, don’t he?).

I took a bit of a Squid vacation from the computer… so I apologize for not promptly answering your comments. I have done so this Dec. 26th morning (answer the comments)… if you should wish to go back a few days to see. I enjoyed going back and reading them. You are all so clever. I hope you will forgive me for the short hiatus. I was making rather merry and…

I was so blessed this holiday with friends and family, both very near and very far. I hold them dear not just this time of year, but all year… despite my sometimes lack of communications. Blessings!

Here a few things I was gifted this year. I do like to share photos.peanuts

I have now a few Complete Peanuts Volumes… three to be exact… the very first volume, 1970, and now this one, 1962… this is the period I enjoy most… the 60’s where Snoopy was most delightful. I would probably say that the early to mid 70’s were of my liking… but the 1960’s (the years before my own birth)… were nifty. As I collect them and read them in their entirety, I could change my mind. These things happen.

I also got The Oatmeal’s How to tell… (you can see the title here)… (not only do you have to beware of gnomes, you also must keep an eye on your cat!) It’s funny, I gifted my Squid Minions (Judy and Nelson) Simon’s Cat books… and this was my “cat book” given to me! We all had cat humor on our minds… this one here is a bit more raunchy than Simon’s Cat, however.

plottingAND I got a Vespa! It’s a bit on the small side… but it is gorgeous! Just my size! 
vespaIn addition to the sporty little Vespa pictured there, Judy made me a sketchbook tote…  a Sketch-a-go-go… it’s in that lovely Vespa material pictured. Now I can take the ol’ sketchbook out without having to hold it in my hand… (there’s a strap) and without having to shove it in a bag! It even has a pocket for pens. Awesome!

Hope you all have a wonderful week after Christmas… playing with your new toys… putting away the tree (whenever you choose to do so) and then there’s that New Year’s thing… Don’t forget Three Kings Day on January 5. Eat Cake… inhale frankincense & myrrh…

(No worries… I’m not on haitus anymore… well, maybe the day AFTER New Years.