gnome-photoFirst off… I am sorry that I forgot to post a Random Foto Friday… my bad… I will not forget this week.

Second, I was gnomed thru the mail… by a fan! Susan, a Squiddie, sent me this advertisement  she saw… and forwarded it to my office. I warn you all… the gnomes are finding ways to get into your homes… I caution you! Don’t fall for this! They are disguised as something you like or enjoy… they will cause havoc and trouble… so beware! (THank you, Susan, for bringing this situation to my attention!)

Also… as a reminder… The next Art-o-Rama zine is nearly complete. (It may have a bit of gnomish-ness inside). If you don’t have a subscription… want one, or want a copy of this coming issue of Art-o-rama… email me at …. THink Christmas gifts here, folks… Why not give a copy to a pal, or better yet, a subscription!